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October 2, 2015
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HVC Vieja Cosecha No. 2

This HVC Vieja Cosecha 6 ½ by 56 figurado is made entirely with aged 5 year old Nicaraguan tobacco. The wrapper is a milk chocolate color with a very oily sheen to it and has slightly darker splotches throughout it.  When first lighting it, a cool, rich nutty flavor hits you with a hint of coffee beans.  Half way through the cigar the smoke gets a little warmer but still maintains a more milder smoke.  Towards the end of the HVC Vieja Cosecha the smoke gets a lot fuller with very rich flavors of nuts, coffee beans, cocoa and spice.  The very last bit of the cigar has quite a kick of spice to it but still maintains a medium body.  The figurado shape keeps the burn consistently perfect all the way through.  Overall a very rich, medium bodied cigar with a sweet creamy profile.

Written by: Matt Ohka, Assistant Manager

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